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    Currently the Company's leading products have 3 kinds and 12 series covering auto body e more than 10 commercial and domestic car companies to provide professional support and technical services.
    R & D capabilities | Test Center | High-tech equipment | Self Intellectual Property

      R & D capabilities

      National high-tech enterprises
      Jiangsu Province innovative enterprises
      Jiangsu Five Star Digital Enterprise

    High-tech equipment
    The Company now has all kinds of 110 sets of production and testing equipment and 12 assembly production lines.

      Test Center

      In 2010 the Company invested more than 10 million in building a complete testing center.... [Details]
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    Jiangsu Rothwell Electric Co., Ltd. is the enterprise engaging in R&D, manufacturing and sales of auto electronics and auto electrical products, applying to provide the integration technology of automotive electronic control system and its series products for the finished automobile manufacturers. ...
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